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USB Adapter LED Light Lamp

USB Adapter LED Light Lamp

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Tired of stumbling in the dark or disrupting your sleep with bright lights? Say hello to a solution that effortlessly transforms your space introducing our USB Adapter LED Light Lamp!

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS/PP
  • Color: Pink/White/Blue
  • Product Size: As Shown
  • Product Weight: 190g

What’s Included in the Package? 

  • 1x USB Adapter LED Light Lamp


  • Easily Switch Between 6 Different Colors 
  • Sleek and Space-Saving Design  
  • Portable and Travel-Friendly 
  • Suitable for Various Decor Settings
  • Acts As a Sleep Aid 
  • Reliable and Long-Lasting 
  • Quick and Simple Dimming 
  • Ideal for Special Occasions
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Why it Works?

Our Remote Control Luminous Night Light effortlessly stands out as the ultimate solution for versatile mood lighting. With its six soothing colors, you can adjust the light settings according to your needs!

Suitable for Various Decor Settings 

Whether enhancing the cozy atmosphere of your bedroom, adding a touch of sophistication to the living room, or creating a romantic ambiance in bars, cafes, and restaurants, this light lamp effortlessly blends into diverse environments.

Space-Saving Design

Our Remote Control Luminous Night Light features a space-saving design that seamlessly integrates into your surroundings. The sleek and compact style not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also ensures that you can keep a second outlet available for other devices.

How to Use? 

  • Begin By Plugging The Included Usb Adapter Into The Night Light, Ensuring A Reliable Power Source
  • Utilize the Provided Remote Control To Effortlessly Navigate Through The Six Available Colors. 
  •  With Ten-Speed Adjustments, You Can Easily Find the Ideal Intensity For Relaxation Or Create A Soft Glow For A Sleep-Friendly Environment

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